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  • Selected by the FXNEERS: USD 1,000 worth of $FX

  • If the submitted content is not selected, FXNEERS will suggest to the submitter to apply for self-owned / 3 party channels



Includes explainer youtube videos regarding Function X. The videos must be in-depth, precise and nicely illustrated. Videos must be original content and also be informative, educational or act as a guide/tutorial on how to use the Function X ecosystem. It can also be a video of product teasers, new product / service launches, event summary, meetup recording, and customer testimonial videos.

  • Creators can use any language for their video, but closed captions must be enabled and be in English.

  • Own the copyrights of materials in the videos (need to have the rights to use them) for Function X to publish on the official channels.

  • The video will be reviewed by FXNEERS. Once approved it will be posted on Function X official channels and the creator will be eligible for the reward.

  • To be eligible for the entry, the creator has to share the video via email for the entry and it should not be published anywhere else, including your own channel.

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