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With the launch of Function X Mainnet, we’re continuing our commitment to make our network and operation as decentralized as possible. During our journey, we have come across community members who contribute regularly and generate marketing content, explore new marketing opportunities, engage community members and more. We believe that there should be a mechanism to curate these quality marketing efforts, expand the network and involve more people to grow together with Function X.

Since this will be a decentralized approach, we plan to invite a group of people to sit on a panel to determine which submitted content will be eligible for the reward. This group of people will be known as FXNEERS (Function X marketing engineers) and will consist of 7 people, 3 from Function X / Pundi X and 4 who will be community volunteers.

First batch FXNEERS: David, Andreas, Judie, Claudio, Telchar, Scene and Cryptowars
Second batch FXNEERS (Current): David
, Andreas, Judie, Claudio, JanLoil



The objective of f(x)DM is to further grow the Function X network by allowing our community members to hop on the f(x)DM vehicle. It’s clear that there are many talented people in our worldwide community including artists, video creators, podcasters, writers, etc., who love to create stunning and informative content. Some already have an established audience and others are hidden gems. Therefore, we’d like to create a welcome environment to invite them all to work together for Function X.

The budget for this program is about 1 million US dollars worth of FX coins over a period of at least 2 years. The award will be based on an evaluation by the community as well as an assessment made by the panel of the individual’s (or team’s) ongoing active participation in the Forum and contributions on Function X official social media channels (eg., Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). This is what we call “engagement performance”. Every three months we’ll announce a list of award recipients. Participants can submit their content anytime either to (for contributing content for Function X official channels) or a link that is published directly via their own channels.




This rubric concept is used to score and create a framework for participants to use as a guide towards earnings.

This matrix is used as a scorecard that creates a subjective path towards evaluating a submission. Scoring rubric 10 is High 1 is Low. The score is based on categories which include Originality, Impact, Actionability & Repeatability, Goodwill, Impressions / Potential Impressions, Shareability. 

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